Ethics Webinar: “Is it Over Yet?” -- Competence is More than What You Think (Especially NOW)

CLE ethics credit may be available for 120 minutes pending approval in your state (2 general credits for states that calculate 60 minutes per credit; 2.4 for states that use 50 minutes per credit).

Program Details

Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Time: 11 am - 1 pm ET

Don’t worry, this is not just ANOTHER program about the impact of the pandemic on the practice of law. We have all lived with COVID 19 and heard ad nauseum about its’ disruptive effects even to the point of having a new condition we’ll call PDF (Pandemic Discussion Fatigue).

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that all of this has impacted our professional lives in more ways than even the many that we can readily identify. So, the time is ripe to collectively re-examine what we need to do to take care of ourselves and take care of business. While we can’t predict the future of the practice of law, we can safely say that nothing will ever be quite the same.

Once again, original vignettes written and co-produced by ReelTime CLE founders Michael Kahn and Chris Osborn, will serve as the catalyst for a practical and informative consideration of the duty of competence and how it has expanded and metamorphosized in these times of the “new normal” (sorry, another term we could do without hearing!). Michael and Chris and a round table of lawyers will identify and demonstrate practical strategies for individual and organizational well-being designed to help you meet your ethical obligations and better serve your clients.

Come join us for this workshop and you will be encouraged and equipped to:

  • Better understand the duty of competence, and how its parameters and requirements keep changing in the COVID/pandemic era.
  • Guard against competence and diligence issues by better understanding the complex interplay of various factors that can contribute to them.
  • Adopt and sustain best practices for working via laptop or other mobile devices so as to protect client information
  • Identify and implement sustainable strategies for developing and maintaining a personal commitment to well-being.