In 2004, Jonathan Harvey (a dealer attorney and trial lawyer from Albany, NY) had the idea to create a national organization comprised of attorneys who represent vehicle dealers. Mr. Harvey sought assistance from nationally recognized consumer finance attorney, Tom Hudson of Hudson Cook, LLP. Together, they selected a team of 11 other dealer attorneys that would become the NADC’s first Board of Directors.

Mr. Harvey became the first president of the NADC and served until April of 2008. Michael Charapp of Charapp and Weiss, LLP was next elected president and served until April of 2010 at which time Rob Cohen of Auto Advisory Services, Inc. became the third president of the NADC.

Officers and Board of Directors

The NADC is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the membership. The list of NADC’s current officers and directors can be found here.

The NADC is a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation operating under these bylaws.